Books Finished in 2003/2009

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Confucius Lives Next Door     The Old Tokaido     Embracing Defeat     A Ride In The Neon Sun

Hirohito     Samurai William     Peasants, Rebels, Women And Outcastes. The Underside Of Modern Japan     Inventing Japan

Dogs and Demons     Flea Markets Of Japan     Giants of Japan     Educating Andy

Straitjacket Society     Citoyen du monde      cover     The Compact Culture

Saving The Sun     cover     cover     The Couch Potato’s Guide to Japan. Inside The World of Japanese TV

A Native American in The Land of The Shogun. Ranald MacDonald and the Opening of Japan     Japanese Society     No One’s Perfect     Multiethnic Japan

Youth Deviance in Japan. Class Reproduction and Non-Conformity     The Great Wave     The Japanese Language     Everyday Life in Traditional Japan

Extremes: Contradictions in Contemporary Japan     Wrong about Japan. A Father's Journey with his Son     Wabi Sabi. The Japanese Art of Impermanence     Japan's Cultural Code Words

Op Zoek Naar Het Nieuwe Japan     cover      cover     Race War! White Supremacy and the Japanese Attack on the British Empire

cover      Essays in Idleness. The Tsurezuregusa of Kenko      Kantou Yama Aruki    

Saying Yes To Japan: How Outsiders are Reviving a Trillion Dollar Services Market      Toshie. A soty of village life in 20th century Japan       

               Tekkels in Tokio

          Law in Everyday Japan     

Grass on the Wayside – Natsume Soseski           Eki kara eki made haikingu

The Blue-eyed Salaryman: From World Traveller to Lifer at Mitsubishi     Blossoms in the Wind : Human Legacies of the Kamikaze     Harumi’s Japanese Cooking    Falling Blossom

Isami's House : Three Centuries of a Japanese Family    Yokohama Burning Burning: The Deadly 1923 Earthquake and Fire that Helped Forge the Path to World War II        

Un autre Japon (2001-2006)              

The Dignity of the Nation             







Non-Japan Books

Winston Churchill     Eat To Live     Le Gouvernement Invisible     La Princesse Oubliee

What color is your parachute?     Who moved my cheese?     Blue Latitudes. Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before     Disarming Irak

Napoleon     We Did Nothing. Why the truth doesn't always come out when the UN goes in     A History of Christianity      Living History

Bonjour paresse     cover     The Renaissance     Unknown Seas – How Vasco Da Gama Opened Up the East

The Da Vinci Code     cover     Ask the Pilot

Les voyageurs du Tupolev     How to be Idle         

Mr. China.      The Next Moon. : The Remarkable True Story of a British Agent Behind the Lines in Wartime France      Het geheim van Eberwein     One Billion Customers : Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China

La Mauvaise Vie          It's Hard to Make a Difference When You Can't Find Your Keys : The Seven-Step Path to Becoming Truly Organized       The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason

Nicolas 1er. Il fit regner la terreur sur toute la Russie    Blink. The Power of Thinking Without Thinking         

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